Ratproof your home

How to Rat-Proof your Home This Winter

Have you ever had a run-in with a rat in your home?

If you’ve ever seen a rat or mouse running in your kitchen, pantry – or worse, your bedroom – you’ll know how awful and terrifying it can be.

And if it happens in front of guests? Well, what could be more embarrassing than that? 

Sadly, once you’ve seen that pesky rat, it may be too late

Rats and mice are like cockroaches. By the time you spot one, they’ve already established a home. In your home.

Although infestations tend to be more common during winter (when rodents are in search of food and warmth), they can occur all year round.

In the space of 12 months, your home could be over-run by as many as 15,000 rodents.

Perish the thought!

Be aware of the dangers

Rats and mice are not just awful to think about and look at. They can also be extremely dangerous to your family.

They can contaminate food by spreading salmonella, tapeworm and other diseases. And they can also cause electrical fires by chewing through your wires.

Guess what? Mouse traps don’t work.

Because rats and mice learn quickly from their mistakes, traps aren’t effective long-term solutions. However, there are other ways you can minimise the chances of rodents setting up shop in your home.

Ron’s top 5 rat-proofing tips

As with most things in life, prevention is better than a cure. So here are some common-sense tips to keep your home mouse and rat free this winter.

  1. Fill cracks and holes in your home with material that’s difficult for rodents to chew through (such as hardware cloth or caulking).
  2. Check regularly behind large pieces of furniture (such as fridges, dishwashers and sofas) for droppings or gnaw marks.
  3. Store your cardboard boxes and large open containers on shelves. Never on the floor.
  4. Keep an eye out for any tell-tale signs of ‘tail activity’ such as damaged food, torn toilet paper and shredded paper.
  5. Store opened food in airtight containers and take the rubbish out regularly.

If you’re looking for added peace of mind this winter – or you already have an unwanted creature in your home – call us today on 1300 737 821.

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