Tips on dealing with European Wasps this Summer

An SOS Pest Control Trained Professional next to a huge Wasps nest in a residential roof

European Wasps are black and yellow and often people confuse them with bees.

The European wasp is particularly a nuisance in Australia. As they love fruit and meat, they are sure to ruin those warm fun, sunny days outdoors especially when there is a barbeque or food sources nearby. They are a social insect, building nests with one queen, a handful of reproductive males and an army of female foragers.

Unfortunately European wasps also sting. According to a Victorian government health website, the sting is painful and remains that way for several hours but unless you are allergic to the venom, the pain and swelling will eventually subside. However unlike a bee, a wasp can sting more than once and victims of multiple stings should seek medical advice.

If you are experiencing a lot of wasps, there is a possibility that a nest is nearby. A wasp nest is often grey/beige in colour with a “papery look”. Nests can be found under eaves of roofs, inside roofs or wall cavities, sheds, in- ground areas and on trees.

Some tips on dealing with wasps this Summer

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