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Family Oriented & Safe
S.O.S Pest Control Pty. Ltd. is a Family orientated pest control Company owned and operated in Melbourne.

All Natural Melbourne Pest Control
SOS Pest Control offers SAFER and GREENER pest solutions for domestic and commercial clients in and around Melbourne Victoria.

20 + Years Of Experience
SOS Pest Control has 20 years experience within the industry and is constantly updating themselves with new and current methods and treatments. We are proud to say that we strive to provide an ethical and professional service. The majority of our customers come to us through referrals of other satisfied customers.

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Commercial Premise Treatments

Pest infestations can lead to food contamination, wastage and costly repair bills as well as extremely costly fines from health departments.

When you choose SOS Pest Control to take on your pest issues, we guarantee to conduct treatments at a time that’s convenient for you. You can also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that all our products, whether in liquid or gel form, are registered and safe to be used in food preparation establishments.

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Why You Need Commercial Treatments

More Than a Disruption

  • Financial Impact – Termites can eat away your profits by causing significant damage to structures, raw materials and inventory. A termite infestation could also disrupt operations, costing you customers and considerable lost revenue if your business is closed for treatment.
  • Constant Risk – Termites can quickly adapt to changing environments. Major systems, such as plumbing, often can allow termites to live in the adjacent soil year-round.
  • Unseen Threat – Termites cannot always be seen because they feed undetected. Termite workers can attack the wood from the inside out. Infestations can go undiscovered until the wood is almost completely destroyed – at which point the cost to repair or replace the damage can be devastating.