Q: What methods of payment can I use?

Ans: We accept cash, electronic transfer, eftpos, credit cards and cheques. Payment is required on the day of service.

Q: If you use Orange Guard do I need to be out the home when treating?

Ans: NO, you do not. Orange Guard is the SAFEST insecticide on the market which does not require you or your pet to leave during treatment. Orange Guard is NOT a poison and is made from edible plant extracts and water.

Q: Can my dog, cat or child access the rodent boxes placed around my home?

Ans: We strive to use lockable bait stations in areas where pets and children roam. If there is any doubt, we will find another solution.

Q: How long after the treatment can I clean the floors etc?

Ans: We advise that all cleaning should take place prior to treatment. Leave it as long as possible, especially around the edges of skirting boards, door frames and window frames in order to get the best results. If you do need to clean around the skirting, use a dry terry cloth to wipe it down.

Q: Do I need to remove any pets on the day of treatment?

Ans: Yes you do. Dogs and cats walk on all fours and we would not be happy if they groomed themselves while the chemical is wet. They may also get in the way during our visit so best they are taken off the property with you for the allocated time.

Q: How long do I need to be out the house following a treatment?

Ans: We use only the safest chemicals available, but we do advise to be out of the property at least 3-4 hours until all the spray is dry. We would hate it if anyone slipped and injured themselves. Certain people have certain allergies and respiratory ailments and in these situations, the exclusion period needs to be extended.

Q: Do I need to empty any kitchen cupboards before treating?

Ans: Depending on the type of pest we are dealing with, you do not always need to empty kitchen cupboards before hand. However, we will advise what preparations to take before we carry out any treatment.